Spencer Carli

Help me give $2,000 away for my 20th Birthday!

January 31, 2014

I want to do something a bit different for my 20th birthday. I’ve never been much for the big birthday milestones but I feel different this year. A few months ago I thought of this cool idea, why don’t I give money away for my birthday instead of ask for things that I really don’t need? It’s been done, but I want it to be done by more people, more often. I want to give away $2,000 for my 20th birthday but I need your help.


Wondering who I’m going to be donating this money to? I’ve done some research and, at least for this year, I want to donate to an organization that is helping the community I call home. As such I’ve decided on choosing the Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati. I’ll give you a brief summary if you’re not familiar; The Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati provides a “home away from home” for the families of critically ill children being treated at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. What

What am I planning to do to help? I want to give at least $2,000 to the Ronald McDonald House to help cover some expenses. However, at this point in my life I’m not able to provide that money on my own so that’s where I’m asking for your help.


I’ve chosen a platform called CrowdRise to help me reach this goal. It’s a crowd funding platform specifically geared towards raising money for charities. If you are able to I would greatly appreciate if you went to my campaign page and donated anything you can. We can work together to make a difference in someone’s life. **Note: **Since the Ronald McDonald House is a 501(3)© charity, your can write this off as a charitable donation. When

When is the goal to have $2,000 raised? On my twentieth birthday, March 4. Why

Why am I doing this? I’ve got everything I need. I’m fortunate enough to be going to school, I’ve got plenty of food, I’ve got great family and friends, and I’m healthy. I don’t need anything else so I want to start a yearly tradition that on my birthday I give away a constantly increasing amount to charity. (20th birthday, $2,000; 21st birthday, $2,100 and so on). If you’re able to give some money to this cause I, and everyone at Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati, would greatly appreciate it! Want to help in another way? Please share this post or the link to my campaign! The more people we reach the more likely we are to hit the $2,000 mark! I’ll be posting updates on the progress here and my CrowdRise Campaign!