Spencer Carli

Payflow Pro and Mijireh Checkout

January 30, 2014

Want to connect your e-commerce site, running WooCommerce, to PayPal Payflow Pro using Mijireh Checkout?

TL;DR: Don’t plan to use Mijireh checkout if you want to use PayPal Payflow Pro.

Despite Mijireh marketing PayPal Payflow Pro as a supported payment gateway, it’s not. ### I’ve been running in circles with this for about a week now. Here’s what I’ve found…

Mijireh doesn’t take in all the proper data to interface with PayPal Payflow Pro. We need to provide information for the “Partner”, “Merchant Login”, “User”, “Password”. However, Mijireh only accepts information for “Login” and “Password”. I’ve been in touch with Mijireh support about this issue and received no help. The response I received seemed to be general, unhelpful information. With the final solution they provided me with is to switch to Stripe. Stripe is great, but my client is already committed to Payflow Pro from another project so that wouldn’t work. I’m currently looking for the best solution around this but have yet to find anything. If you’ve got any ideas please contact me to let me know!