Spencer Carli

Technology can be cool

July 12, 2018

For the last few weeks/months I’ve been taking a digital break and simply focusing on some client work, tinkering, and moving across the country.

The moving across the country part is what prompted this post.

If you’ve ever exchanged emails with me you’ve probably heard me dog on technology. I’ve got a fair number of issues with it (taking you out of the present moment, addiction, fast pace, etc., etc.) but they’re all things that we’ve got to experience to learn what works and what doesn’t. Growing pains.

But, let’s ignore the negative aspects of technology for a second and focus on the positive parts of it. Namely the flexibility and confidence it can give you.

Since I dropped out of college ~4 years ago I’ve worked remote. I worked from my apartment bedroom, then my apartment office, now I work from a janky desk in the Airbnb I’m staying at for the month. I use technology to earn a living.

Last week my girlfriend and I packed up our Nashville apartment and decided to travel around the country for a few months.

Why? Because we have flexibility. Why? Because of technology.

We work from our laptops. I do web/mobile development and online teaching. She does marketing. Other than a different timezone, this is unchanged from the last 4 years for me and 2 years for her.

We decide where we want to go and then go to Airbnb and book a place (some seriously good discounts if you’re willing and able to stay somewhere for 1+ months). Right now we’re in Denver, CO. In a few weeks we’ll be in Las Vegas with a quick stop over in Moab. Not sure where we’ll go after that.

We use AllTrails to find places to hike.

We use email to ask people in cities we’re going for pizza recommendations.

We use Google Maps to find places to get groceries, find our way back to the Airbnb once we’re lost, and to find places to work when we need to get out.

Don’t use technology as a crutch but do use it as a tool to encourage growth and discovery. It can be pretty useful.