Spencer Carli

Accountability: November 16, 2014

November 17, 2014

What I Accomplished

I’ve been really bad about sticking to my plan the last few weeks. I’ve broken a lot of my habits and it’s definitely showing whenever I try to get things going again. However I did get some stuff done…

  • Took care of a fair amount of student loan stuff (repayment officially begins next month). Merry Christmas to me from the loan peeps?
  • Hit contracting and consulting hours. Things have been light, need to start selling and closing.
  • Turned everything in to get my passport

Interesting Article of the Week: Not really and article but still cool

What I Didn’t Accomplish/ Need to Improve

  • Didn’t read everyday, write everyday, or excercise everyday.
  • Dropped the ball on coming up with ideas and doing German too

What I plan to work on Next Week

I find that I work better when I plan a lot for each week… so

  • Put together a long term sales pitch/proposal
  • Write, publish, and promote one blog post on handlebarlabs.com.
  • Read, write, and do German Daily
  • Come up with 5 new ideas a day
  • Excercise everyday and get outside for some part of it
  • Weekly finances
  • Followup on a payment
  • Wrap up and launch an existing project
  • SEO work on handlebarlabs.com
  • Do research into trends (how do I reasearch a trend?)
  • 25ish hours of contracting
  • Find 5 fads/unique/weird things being done elsewhere and make a plan to localize them (just a for fun, planning type challenge)

What is this?

Since I’m taking a different path I decided I need a non-traditional way to keep myself accountable. I don’t have many people pushing deadlines on me so it’s easy for me to come up with excuses and not actually get much done. So this is my weekly accountability post. It’s 95% for me to make sure that I have a consistent way to review what I did the prior week. If you stumble upon this and and feel like I was BSing the this week let me know. I won’t be mad. You can email me, call me, or tweet me. Seriously, call me out.