Spencer Carli

Accountability: February 15, 2015

February 16, 2015

What I Accomplished

  • Daily: Reading, writing, excercise, Forex Trading
  • Finances
  • Contracting

Interesting Article of the Week: How to overcome social anxiety

What I Didn’t Accomplish/ Need to Improve

  • Daily ideas and language - did most days except Friday
  • Additional Forex research
  • Taxes

What I plan to work on Next Week

  • Daily: Read, write, excercise, ideas, language, Forex trading
  • Contracting hours
  • Taxes
  • Finances
  • Consulting
  • Send out quotes/general sales

What is this?

Since I’m taking a different path I decided I need a non-traditional way to keep myself accountable. I don’t have many people pushing deadlines on me so it’s easy for me to come up with excuses and not actually get much done. So this is my weekly accountability post. It’s 95% for me to make sure that I have a consistent way to review what I did the prior week. If you stumble upon this and and feel like I was BSing the this week let me know. I won’t be mad. You can email me, call me, or tweet me. Seriously, call me out.